It takes skill, know-how, and patience to make a Thick Cut Tequila. Only Cabo takes a no guts, no glory approach to building the boldest possible liquid without sacrificing quality.

The AgaveThe Agave

We select the best piñas and chop them into thick chunks before cooking.

The LiquidThe Liquid

We take a thicker cut of the distillate, allowing for much more agave flavor.

The ResultThe Result

Full-on agave flavor
and bolder taste.

Infographic explaining the agave process - read figure caption
The pick - Only the best piñas are chosen, The Chop - The piñas are chopped into 4 thick cut quarters. The Cook - The heat activates a chemical process that converts the carbs into fermentation sugars. The liquid -We take a thicker cut of the distillate allowing earthy tones in, while keeping the impurities out. The result is Cabo Wabo Thick Cut Tequila!