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THICK CUT means taking an American approach to everything we do. It’s the code we live by. To take a stand against all things that reek of pretension, self-serving posturing and snobbery. To fight for the freedom for all to follow their own pursuits of pleasure.

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Thick Cut Legends

Myron Mixon

Known as “The Winningest Man in Barbecue” — Myron has been the chief cook of Jack’s Old South Competition BBQ team since 1996. His Georgia-based team has won over 200 grand championships, 11 national championships, more than 40 state championships and eight “Team of the Year” awards. He’s appeared on countless TV shows, including BBQ Pitmasters, and hosts his own barbecue school. Myron is true master of his craft, proven by his awards and well-deserved unapologetic attitude whenever he’s in charge of the meats.

Michael Mixon

There’s no question that manning and mastering the grill and smoker runs in the Mixon family. Like his father, Myron, Michael has quickly established himself as a nationally respected BBQ expert. He regularly competes in BBQ competitions throughout the country, alongside his dad, on the Jack’s Old South Competition BBQ team. Together they’ve won countless awards and are best known for appearing on the popular TV show BBQ Pitmasters.